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Our Mission

  The fundamental research outcome of our center will be a leap in the understanding of the physics of the earth system, its feedbacks, instabilities and sensitivities on a wide range of timescales (from weather to glacial cycles) and in response to a number of forcings. We will generate scientific knowledge that can help policymakers and the general public make informed decisions on how to cope and respond to the emerging threat of global and regional climate change, sea level rise and ocean acidification.

Press Release: ​ICCP Director Axel Timmermann receives Milutin Milankovic Medal of the European Geosciences Union (April 2017​)

First ICCP article published in Geophysical Research Letters was featured as Editors’ Highlight. (March 2017)

Axel Timmermann will receive the 2017 Milutin Milankovic Medal  of the European Geoscience Union (EGU) (April 2017)

IBS announces official launch of IBS for Climate Physics (ICCP) (January 2017)

Axel Timmermann gives public lecture at IBS' 5th Anniversary Symposium in Daejon  (December 2016)

November 2016  Utrecht International Conference on Paleoceanography - excerpts from Paleomusicology recital (October 2016)

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